Apartment in Altea

Apartment renovation in Altea


“Wish list” (what the client asked us for):

We want to update our vacation home, especially the kitchen and bathrooms, without changing the distribution of the different units so that the total cost is lower.

And we have a “non-negotiable desire”: we want a “white marble veined with yellow and gray tones” stoneware flooring.


The Baumooi solution:

We eliminated the partitions that closed the kitchen and the living room with the hall, so that the resulting space was more open. We act in the distribution of kitchen and bathrooms updating the finishes in light colors, making the spaces larger than they were by using black elements (faucets, screens, appliances) creating a counterpoint to white. On the terrace we proposed changing the slopes, to eliminate the pavement joints and thus achieve a continuous pavement with a rainwater collection channel covered with pebbles, recalling some of the beaches in Altea…


And, of course, we find the desired flooring.