The Costa Blanca is less crowded than other Mediterranean enclaves

The Costa Blanca is less crowded than other Mediterranean enclaves

Interview with Dominique & Boris, Baumooi clients

Dominique & Boris arrived in the Costa Blanca in 2014 They first came from Belgium to the Costa del Sol, but they did not quite feel comfortable there, and they embarked on a new course. In this interview they tell us about their experience in the area and what it has been like to work with Baumooi. If you are thinking of building a villa in Alicante, we are sure that his testimony will be very useful to you.

Since when have you been in Moraira and why did you choose the Costa Blanca?

Since 2014. . We were also looking at the Costa del Sol, but in the end we chose the Costa Blanca because there are too many people on the Costa del Sol, very crowded, it is more expensive to buy and we liked the climate of Alicante better. It’s similar, but softer.

What are your professions, do you work remotely?

We are entrepreneurs and yes, we work remotely.

How are you doing telecommuting?

It works very well. The connections are very good.

How do you enjoy the province?

We really enjoyed the house and the surroundings. We do walks in the area and also golf. From time to time we go to Alicante or Valencia, which are cities that we really like.

What are your favourite places in the area?

We would tell you that El Portet, Cala Andragó and Cala Clemencia

What use do you give to the house?

The truth is that we come throughout the year and yes, the keys are left to our family.

“Building a villa on the Costa Blanca is enjoying from the sun and escape stress”

What is the best thing about having a house here?

Sun. Escape from stress because life is much more relaxed here.

When you were thinking about whether to come to Alicante or not, what fears did you have? What was stopping you?

At first we did not know how many times we were going to come. Fears, actually not, because we have always had people who guided us in everything.

And how do you live it now? What do you think of those fears now that they are gone?

Honestly, it has not slowed us down much, but we are very happy and we come very often.

Do you know other compatriots who also have a house here? How do they use it?

Yes, yes, several. They also use their house like us throughout the year and do not rent it out.

How often do you return to your country? Are there good flight connections?

Easy connections are one of the reasons we’re here. In fact, we sometimes think of Corsica, but communication is much more difficult.

You have to lose the fear of taking the step”

What has the reform that Baumooi has done for you consisted of?

It has been a complete reform of the house plus the extension of a bedroom with a complete bathroom.

How has it been working with Baumooi? What would you highlight about us?

The good and fluid communication with the entire team, the architect’s ideas and that they understood what we wanted perfectly

What would you say to the people who read us, who are thinking about whether or not to build their villa in Alicante?

I (Dominique) would tell them not to be afraid. There are very good professionals here. And if they want to call or contact us, we will be happy to talk to them and tell them about our experience with Baumooi.

So now you know: if you want to follow in the footsteps of Dominique and Boris, you already know that you can get the tickets for this adventureby filling out this form. We will help you in everything you need. ?

By the way, this has been the projectin which we have collaborated with them.